The EDMUS Grading Scale (EGS/DSS)

Confavreux C, Compston DAS, Hommes OR, McDonald WI, Thompson AJ. EDMUS, a European database for multiple sclerosis. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 1992; 55: 671-676

Amato MP, Grimaud J, Achiti I, Bartolozzi ML, Adeleine P, Hartung H-P, Kappos L, Thompson A, Trojano M, Vukusic S, Confavreux C for the Evaluation of the EDMUS system (EVALUED) Study Group: European validation of a standardized clinical description of multiple sclerosis. J. Neurol. 2004; 251: 1472-1480

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Score Criteria
0 Normal findings on neurological examination.
1 No disability. Minimal signs on neurological examination.
2 Minimal and not ambulation-related disability. Able to run.
3 Unlimited walking distance (WD) without rest but unable to run; or a significant not ambulation-related disability.
4 Walks without aid. Limited WD, but > 500 meters without rest.
5 Walks without aid. WD < 500 meters without rest.
6 Walks with permanent support. WD < 100 meters without rest.
6A Walks with permanent unilateral support. WD < 100 meters without rest.
[Not available in EDMUS]
6B Walks with permanent bilateral support. WD < 100 meters without rest.
[Not available in EDMUS]
7 Home restricted. A few steps with wall or furniture assistance. WD < 20 meters without rest.
8 Chair restricted. Unable to take a step. Some effective use of arms.
9 Bedridden and totally helpless.
10 Death due to MS.